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Family Immersion Adventure

Fiji Family Cultural Immersion Adventure

SESSION 1: June 16-30, 2020

SESSION 2: July 7-21, 2020

Space is limited!

BTG director and worldschooling mom Jenny Cahill wants you to know about a very special cultural immersion opportunity for your family! Read her blog about what the experience of living and learning on Vorovoro meant to her and her children and how it changed their lives forever.

Vorovoro and BTG invite your family to join our inclusive community where we live and learn from one another through cultural immersion, cultural exchange, skill sharing, and living island life on "island time" - where each day unveils limitless opportunities for growth and learning through connections, exploration, adventure and shared experiences. Bring your open mind, open heart, and a desire to understand more deeply than you ever have before how connected we all really are.


On a pristine 200 acre island in remote Fiji, Bridge the Gap (BTG) and the chiefly family of Vorovoro Island partner to facilitate life-changing cultural immersion experiences. Our customized programs are designed to support local community development goals, while preserving and celebrating native Fijian identity, culture and environment.


BTG works hand in hand with the local Fijian community to identify and collaboratively address goals relating to education, health, income, environment and cultural preservation in ways that strengthen and empower the local community.

On Vorovoro, you are considered an extension of the local tribal community and are welcomed to participate in truly authentic and beneficial ways. As such, we are invited to take part in aspects of Fijian life that are not typically made available to visitors to Fiji.

Through daily island life, you will come to to understand more thoroughly the challenges that remote indigenous island communities face daily as a result of the world's rapidly changing climate. See and experience these challenges first hand, and participate in discussions about how each of us can live lives that support communities living in the most vulnerable regions of the world.

The cornerstones of Fijian culture are respect, humility, and kindness. On Vorovoro, we embrace the Fijian philosophy of life to work hard, love harder, and to never stop laughing together and helping one another. Each day brings new opportunities to explore concepts of joy, beauty, connection and simplicity in ways you've never had before.

Download the Family Info Guide below, book now, or contact for more information on how you and your family can join us!

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