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The Fijian way to a better world

How much water do you use everyday? Every flush of the toilet or every minute the water runs from the faucet? What about electricity? How many times do you walk out of a room without turning the light off, or using the hard lights when you could use the beautiful natural light from the window in your office? When we think about our everyday habits, we might choose to live sustainability in some parts of our lives but choose not to in others. On Vorovoro, visitors live more primitive lifestyles, which include using compost toilets and using the ecotricity hut to charge phones and cameras. This may seem scary for some, however it’s nothing to be weary about. The restrooms are set up just like typical restrooms and you can even plug in electronics to outlets in the ecotricity hut just like at home. However, we don’t use near as much water and the electricity is stored from solar panels on the island.

We have another question for you, have you ever visibly seen climate change? While visiting the Mali Island you can get see how our actions on one side of the world are impacting a small island on the other side of the world. On the shores of Ligaulevu Village on Mali Island there is a huge tree. Years ago, the tree was in the middle of the village, however as the water levels have risen, houses have had to move back against the mountainside. Now, just a short boat ride over to the village from Vorovoro, the tree that was once in the middle is now on the outskirts of the village with it’s roots exposed. Seeing the tree and hearing the story from our Fijian friends gives us all visceral feelings.

Visitors of Vorovoro abandon their typical lifestyles and learn how to live in a much more sustainable and eco-friendly way. Visitors can jump into the ocean or swing in a hammock under the coconut trees to cool down. We become more conscious of the world around us and how our actions impact others across the world. It’s amazing how little we actually need to consume in our everyday lives, and you will live and learn that during Open Island 2018. Fiji, affordably. Fiji, sustainably. Open Island ’18 is your chance to see this threatened environment and make a difference. Help Vorovoro with your visit, and the island will return the favor. Start planning!

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