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About BTG


We "Bridge the Gap" between you and Vorovoro Island

BTG is a small, U.S.-based company that partners with the Mali tribe in a collaborative effort to promote responsible tourism on Vorovoro Island.

We bring together people from all over the world to experience the beauty of Vorovoro Island and share in the joy of learning from each other. Our programs provide an immersive, educational experience in the culture, ecology, and traditions of the Vorovoro community. And everything we do is in partnership with the local community and is designed to support their goals.


Come join us and bridge the gap between the global and the local.


How It Works


We’re the people doing the internet thing; marketing, booking, arranging airport transfers, etc.


Once you arrive on Vorovoro, the Fijians are your hosts - and they’re amazing at it!


We’re there too, helping erase the line in the sand between international travelers and locals.

Our Mission

In partnership with the Vorovoro Island community,

BTG provides unique responsible tourism experiences

that enhance the local community, culture, and environment. 


The Vorovoro experience is so much more than a holiday getaway or an island vacation. You’ll experience life-changing connections and adventures within the Vorovoro community, where every day challenges and inspires. Here, visitors are not thought of as visitors; as a guest, you'll become family, and Vorovoro will become home. 


We’ve carefully curated a broad range of programming for our guests - work and play, classroom and field - but the magic that is Vorovoro adds an irreproducible layer of meaning to what you’ll learn while on the island. Here, each sunset is breathtaking, and in every conversation hides a lesson you’ll carry with you for a lifetime.


We believe that travel has the power to fuel good things in the world. By traveling with Bridge The Gap, you’ll partner with us in our social good efforts - helping to break an exploitative cycle, instead empowering Fijians to protect their own land, celebrate their own heritage, and take charge of their own futures. 


Our trips embody the true Fijian spirit, maintaining the integrity of the tribe’s rich cultural heritage and the natural environment above all. For the Mali tribe, sharing their land and culture with visitors reinforces a spirit of pride around their traditions while cultivating tribe leadership in the next generations.

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