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Housing accommodations are set up village-style, surrounding you with the culture, climate and community spirit of Vorovoro Island. Travelers who are comfortable with camping-style lodging will enjoy the range of options for various budgets and seclusion levels. Stay in a Fijian-style coconut hut or a dorm-style jungle house (vale). 


Our amenities are kind to the island environment and complement the magnificent nature surrounding us:

  • Private island with miles of beaches

  • Traditional Fijian and Fijian-fusion meals using Locally-Sourced Food

  • Beachfront Community Dining

  • Hiking Trails Traversing Volcanic Peaks

  • Beach Volleyball Court

  • Kids Treehouse

  • Solar Power

  • Rainwater Catchment

  • Solar Showers

  • Compost Toilets

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