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Meet the Team

A community of individuals who share one crucial bond:

striving to make lives better through travel.

Our Partners

Our work begins and ends with relationships. We strive to work with organizations that align with our mission to meet community development goals while maintaining the integrity of the tribe's heritage, island traditions, and the natural environment.


The heart of Vorovoro Island!

We are proud to partner exclusively with the Mali people to help share their traditional lifestyle through experiential learning. We work  "hand in hand" with the Vorovoro Cultural Centre to provide visitors a travel experience that ensures understanding, solidarity, and authenticity.

Vinaka Vakalevu, Auburn!

Under the direction of Kate Thornton, Auburn has sponsored eyeglass kits with training workshops, provided supplies for the local school, sponsored the construction of  the Vorovoro Cultural Centre, provided internships for Fijian team members, and sponsored the construction of homestay lodging at Nemani's sugarcane farm. Thanks to AU's partnership and generosity, the people of Mali are better equipped to reach the goals they have for their community.


Harvest sugarcane with Nemani.

Our Team Leader Nemani Baleinayaca is the lead man at his family's sugar cane farm. Nemani loves to share his passion for farming with visitors.  With the new housing, kitchen, and toilets recently constructed, Nemani and his family now welcome visitors to come stay and learn on their land.

Fiji's first permaculture farm.

Island visitors can take an excursion to Cegu Valley Farm, located just 30 minutes inland. Owned and operated by the McCay family,  the farm is a thriving example of sustainable farming practices. The McCays are passionate about sustainable farming, permaculture, beekeeping, animal husbandry and more.  Every inch of their little piece of heaven has been built and designed by their own hands and sweat.  You will be humbled and amazed at what can be done simply with the land around you. The McCays love to host guests for a day, a night, or even for an extended internship!

Learn from a local.

Get PADI certified off of Vorovoro's shore! Cakaulevu Reef is the 3rd longest barrier reef in the world and is 95% unexplored. Your instructor Leone Vokai grew up free diving this reef and knows it like most of us know our own backyards. He is passionate about reef health and conservation, educating his village community in how to protect their greatest resource. He leads by example, and believes we each have a responsibility to help preserve the reef for future generations.

Exemplifying the power of education.

WWF has worked with the Mali people for many years in an effort to combat issues of poaching and overfishing by encouraging Mali community members to adapt their fishing practices and diversify their income. Occasionally, a WWF representative visits Vorovoro Island to share his work with visitors and help them understand how they can help bring about change.

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