Countless Ways to Fill the Day

You will always have something exciting to do

  • a traditional Fijian Sevusevu ceremony upon arrival 

  • Sunset Peak hike

  • 4 Peaks hike across the length of the island

  • traditional medicinal plant tour with village elder

  • wide variety of Fijian culture classes and workshops

  • nightly campfires

  • game nights

  • community volleyball games

  • traditional mat weaving

  • learn to make coconut oil

  • learn local dances


And of course this list doesn't include all the fun stuff you can do on your own - swimming, beach combing, snorkeling, hammocking, casual chats with new Fijian friends, or pitching in to help with local building projects, to just name a few!

Which will you choose?

  • diving world's 3rd longest reef

  • volunteer projects

  • learning to cook Fijian dishes

  • visit the local school

  • attend a church service

  • learn local songs

  • nightly kava drinking sessions with the local community

  • fishing from the beach "Fiji style" - with a simple rig of a soda bottle, line, and a hook. 


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