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Open Island


July • August • September



(all inclusive)

Kids 12 and under are FREE!


Travel to a lush island paradise and immerse yourself in Fijian culture during Open Island.

If you enjoy adventure, value authentic experience over luxury, and want to know your travel dollars have a measurable positive impact on the local community, then Open Island is for you.

Space is limited, book today!

We’re open to travelers in July, August and September 2018. Stay at least a week or as long as three months and experience a Fiji that is hard to find elsewhere. Slow down on Fiji time...when it comes to staying on this beautiful island, the longer the better!


Take part in a variety of cultural classes and island activities like snorkeling, hiking, fishing, and hammocking, but also work alongside the local community to help build our latest project - a new kindergarten classroom for the local village school.  Vorovoro is a remote, rugged island environment perfect for those comfortable with outdoor adventures and camping.


People in remote parts of Fiji used to live off the land and the sea. With climate and social change they can no longer do that in the way they used to. Instead, the people of Vorovoro choose to make a living by sharing their amazing island, culture, and way of life with those of us from far away.

What is Included?

$50 - $160/ person / night

Prices are all-inclusive

Click here for accommodation options and pricing

Discounts are available for children, groups, and returning friends to Vorovoro. 
Contact us for more information!

We want your stay to be as stress-free as possible, so we make it easy by including:

Airport Pickup

A friendly face will greet you at Labasa Airport. We will help you with your luggage and in making sure all goes smoothly as you make your way to Vorovoro Island. 


A crucial element of Fijian culture, we will provide you with the root of the kava plant that you will present to the chief as your sevusevu (gift) upon your arrival to Vorovoro.


Taxi Transport

We provide a taxi transport to and from Labasa Airport upon your arrival and departure.


We will provide you with your sulu, a brightly colored traditional cloth (like a sarong). You will wear it a lot in Fiji for cultural reasons.

Boat Transport

We provide boat transport to and from Vorovoro upon your arrival and departure. 

All Meals

You will enjoy three large, delicious daily meals prepared from scratch from local ingredients, as well as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.

On-Island Activities

The following activities are also included with the cost for your stay!

Play Volleyball

Play Volleyball

Enjoy a game of beach volleyball each night before dinner.

Four Peaks

Four Peaks

Hike Vorovoro's four peaks and see the magical island from a new point of view.

Coconut Oil and Soap Making

Coconut Oil and Soap Making

Want to learn how to make coconut products? Spend a day learning how to make coconut oil, coconut soap, and more.

Cook Fijian Style

Cook Fijian Style

Learn to make traditional island food. Delicious, fresh, and sustainable!

Medicinal Plant Tour

Medicinal Plant Tour

Learn all about the island's various indigenous plant species and their amazing healing powers.



Dress your best for a church service on the island.

Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak

Arguably everyone's favorite spot on Vorovoro - Sunset Peak. See the most magnificent sunset of your life every night while on Vorovoro.

Weave a Mat

Weave a Mat

Learn how to make mats from dried palms from the masters themselves!



Meke is a traditional Fijian dance that tells a story.

Coconut Workshop

Coconut Workshop

Learn how to husk, open, and sip your own fresh coconut! Bonus points if you can scale the coconut tree yourself.

Explore the Market

Explore the Market

This open-air market in Labasa town offers local produce, fish, and kava (the traditional Fijian drink). Try some for yourself!



Grab your fins and explore the beautiful coral reef off of Vorovoro Island's shore! If you're lucky, you'll spot a big, blue starfish.

Drink Kava

Drink Kava

Drinking kava, a drink made from the root of the kava plant, is the beating heart of traditional Fiji culture. Socialize with friends, laugh with strangers, and engage in ceremonies around kava to learn just what makes this drink so special.



A lovo is an underground oven that can cook an entire feast, pig included, in less than two hours! Enjoy a lovo during a big celebration on the island, such as a wedding, birthday, or goodbye party.

Join the Hammock Society

Join the Hammock Society

Spend some time on a hammock, listen to the waves, and relax. As often said on the island, chill out, don't work out!

Go Fishing

Go Fishing

Go fishing with the Fijians and learn the island way of this popular past time - something that provides not only food but also a source of revenue for many island natives.

Weave a Basket

Weave a Basket

Resourcefulness at its best! These baskets are used for cooking, storage, decoration, and much more.

Trust us, you will always have something exciting to do.  

  • A traditional Fijian Sevusevu ceremony upon arrival 

  • Sunset Peak hike

  • Rugged 4 Peaks hike across the length of the island

  • Traditional medicinal plant tour with village elder

  • Wide variety of Fijian culture classes and workshops

  • Nightly campfires

  • Game nights

  • Community volleyball games

  • Learn to make coconut oil

  • Learn local dances

  • Hammocks

  • Snorkeling

  • Volunteer with community projects

  • Learn to cook Fijian dishes

  • Learn local songs

  • Nightly kava drinking sessions with the local community

  • Fish from the beach "Fiji style" - with a simple rig of a soda bottle, line, and a hook. 

  • Fijian language classes

  • Swim

  • Garden

  • Beach combing

If there is something you want to do or experience that you don't see on this list, just let us know! We may be able to arrange it.   

activities anchor

Optional Activities

We offer additional activities and weekly off-island excursions for a small cost per person.  

Sign up for all, some, or none - it’s up to you. 

Pre-pay when you book or pay when you get to the island.

Snorkel Trip - $15

Go snorkeling with local guides on the 3rd longest coral reef in the world! The trip is 1.5-2 hours. The requirements are: 1) Be comfortable snorkeling in open water 2) Be at least 12 years or older.

Church Service  - $15

Be a humble guest at one of the local traditional Fijian churches on Mali island. Experience breathtaking harmonies and a Fijian Christian service. Fees include tithes to the church on your behalf.

Cegu Farm Day Trip - $50

You don’t want to miss the chance to spend a day with the McCay family on their impressive sustainable farm. The McCay’s are passionate about sustainable farming, permaculture, beekeeping, animal husbandry and more.  Every inch of their little piece of heaven has been built and designed by their own hands and sweat.  You will be humbled and amazed at what can be done simply with the land around you.  


We will take you by boat  to Labasa town, where the McCay’s will pick you up for your day at the farm. Take a tour, learn about the innovative sustainable farming practices they employ and develop, lend a hand with various projects and chores, and then sit down to a hearty and delicious meal prepared with foods harvested from the farm. When your day at the farm is finished, we will pick you back up in town and head home to Vorovoro. You can book this excursion after you are on the island.  

School/Village Visit - $10

Visit the primary school that serves the remote villages of Mali Island. Take part in ongoing lessons and join in sports time with the children afterwards. Fees go toward supplies for the children.

Night Fishing - $10

Join a local for night time fishing on the open sea and try your hand at fishing the traditional Fijian way - using just a soda bottle, line, & hook. Fees go toward supplies  and wages for your guide.

Scuba Diving - Contact Us

We partner with Great Sea Reef Divers to bring you the ultimate off-the-beaten-path diving experience, whether you have  been diving for years, or this will be your first time.


Mali Island’s own PADI certified Dive Instructor Leone Vokai will take you on a stunning underwater exploration of Cakaulevu Reef - the world’s 3rd longest reef in the world, and currently 95% unexplored.


Leone grew up free diving this reef and knows it like most of us know our own backyards. He is passionate about reef health and conservation, educating his village community in how to protect their greatest resource. He lives in his village of Ligaulevu on Mali Island.  He leads by example, and believes we each have a responsibility to help preserve the reef for future generations.  

All levels of dive certification are available, as well as custom dives for those already certified.  Contact us directly for more information

Fijian Mat Weaving - $15

Learn traditional weaving methods from local Fijian women. Create your own small mat and take it home with you!   Fees go toward supplies and wages to the local weaving women.

*Activity Package - $55

Best deal!  Pay just $55 per person to take part in a visit to the village school, learn to weave a mat, attend a local church service, take a snorkel trip on the reef, and go on a night fishing trip.  ($65 value)

Also Budget For...

Town Trips - $10 USD

We run the boat to town a couple times a week to pick up/drop off guests and buy supplies.  Vorovoro visitors who want to go to town for few hours can sign up for a space in the boat.  Cost is $10 per person.  Space is limited.  

Laundry - $5 USD per bag

(bag provided)

Our water supply is limited on Vorovoro, so once a week, we send laundry to one of our Fijian friends to be washed on the mainland.  Your clothes will come back to you clean and folded in just a couple days.  

Souvenirs - Varies

Buy local!  You may want to take home local handicrafts, coconut soap and coconut oil made on-island.

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