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Our Mission

Our Mission is to Travel for Good

We are Committed to:


The programs we’ve developed embody the true Fijian spirit while keeping in line with development goals and maintaining cultural and environmental sensitivity and integrity. Visitors are not thought of as visitors; visitors become family and Vorovoro is their home. Every sunset is breathtaking, and in every conversation hides a life lesson. Guests can hike the island's four peaks, weave baskets and mats, and dance the traditional Fijian Meke. Visitors experience life-changing connections and adventures within the Vorovoro community, where everyday spent on the island challenges and inspires. The lessons learned on Vorovoro last a lifetime.


Together with Vorovoro's chiefly family, BTG has built a unique responsible tourism experience that aims to enhance the local community, culture, and environment. BTG provides business training and mentorship to the local community, promoting the development of Fijian owned and operated enterprises. This collaborative partnership gives the Mali community full oversight over Vorovoro’s development and therefore the ability to retain their way of life while boosting their local economy.  

Effective Collaboration

The Vorovoro experience is so much more than a holiday getaway or an island vacation. Profits from Vorovoro Island’s educational tourism go directly to supporting the development goals of The Vorovoro Cultural Centre, the Fijian operated enterprise owned by the landowning family of Vorovoro Island.  But it doesn’t stop there! We find that when people come to Vorovoro, they come with a wealth of knowledge and ambition and we work closely with Fijians and travelers alike to identify opportunities for partnerships to benefit both. Time on Vorovoro is about effective collaboration, and you're invited to join the effort!

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