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Packing List

Top Packing Tips

Close your eyes and imagine a Pacific Island

Pack for that, everything you need for beaches, relaxation and activities

It’ll be hot; add clothes to cover sunburn. Now add mosquitoes and rain. Hopefully you won’t need this part of your backpack, but it’s best to be prepared. Next bear in mind that you’ll be staying in a traditional, conservative community and at certain moments bikinis or strappy dresses won’t be appropriate.  Ladies, add extra bits and bobs to cover your shoulders and knees. Gents, put down the speedos. What else? There is limited electricity, so pack your headlamp and leave your techy gadgets behind. That’s it - you’re ready!  For those who like a list:

  • eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and soap

  • any medications you might need 

  • hat

  • sunglasses

  • sunscreen

  • flashlight or headlamp

  • towels and washcloths

  • bug spray

  • goggles and snorkel (and fins if desired)

  • reusable water bottle

  • reusable shopping bag (say no to plastic!)

  • camera, charger, and adapter

  • books or reading material

  • journal and pens

  • lightweight hammock with bug net

  • shorts (knee length)

  • lightweight dressy and casual t-shirts or tank tops

  • light jacket

  • long sleeve shirt

  • sneakers for hiking

  • sandals (chacos, tevas, or flip flops)

  • bathing suit

  • undergarments

  • pajamas


In Vorovoro, we make our best effort to respect the Fijian community’s request that women dress modestly - this just means no strappy tank tops, low-cut tops, short shorts or skirts (below the knees is a-ok), or bathing suits (swim “Fiji” style and trade your bikini for board shorts and a t-shirt) in the communal areas.  However,  we do have a “secret beach” that’s just a short stroll away, where you can don your bathing suits and sunbathe and swim in the ways you are used to.  


  • lightweight dressy and casual tshirts (covering shoulders and cleavage)

  • shorts (knee length)

  • skirts (below the knee or maxi)

  • light jacket

  • long sleeve shirt

  • flowy or athletic pants

  • sneakers for hiking

  • sandals (chacos, tevas, or flip  flops)

  • bathing suit

  • board shorts for swimming

  • undergarments

  • pajamas

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