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A Child's Perspective on Vorovoro

Thatcher, age 11, spent a week living and learning on Vorovoro with his family last summer. Now, as he continues to travel the world, read about his reflection on his time spent on the magical island.

Why I love Vorovoro island, Fiji by: Thatcher

Vorovoro is the absolute best. I had an amazing experience there, playing with friends, snorkeling, drinking fresh coconut water, and helping out in lots of ways. One of the best things about Vorovoro for me was playing almost all day every day with all of the other kids there. Leon, Princess, Vinnie, and Joshua live there, but I also played with two girls from England named Immy and Iona, and they were really fun to play with too. I learned lots of Fijian while I was there. Bula sia, hello, and vinaka, thank you, are 2 of the words you use the most. If you can’t or don’t want to speak the language, you can speak English, the other language everybody there speaks.

Your house will be right on the beach, so you can wake up and go out and play in the sand or swim in the water. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were sooo yummy. Gooey oatmeal, gourmet fried rice to die for, and delicious fish that you just can’t get enough of! Oh, and the sunsets there are beautiful! If you climb up one of the mountains there, Sunset Peak, you will never see a better display of the sun going down, and  it’s just a short hike. You can go around the whole island in about 3 hours and see the neighboring island, the mainland, and some other islands in the distance.

They have a pet fruit bat there named Becky, and he’s the cutest most adorable bat you’ll ever see. He used to not be able to fly, because a long time ago (2-3 years), he was attacked by an eagle. In August, after we left, I heard that he managed to fly again. There is also a small family of kittens there, if you know where to look. I took a snorkeling trip out to a coral reef that was so amazing that it would rival the Great Barrier Reef. I know because I’ve been there, too. I celebrated my 11th birthday on Vorovoro with cake and ice cream! There is a volleyball court there, and Mateo, also known as Potato, Mici, and Nemani will all challenge you to a match that is definitely worth watching or playing.

I love Vorovoro, and I hope to go back sometime. I made so many memories there, and I hope all other visitors do too.

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