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How YOUR Family Can Live and Learn on a Fijian Island

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

By Jenny Cahill, BTG Founder/Director

When I first stepped foot onto the coral strewn beaches of the tiny remote Fijian island of Vorovoro with my small children back in 2009, I could have never predicted that 10 years later I would be lucky enough to call this amazing place home and the beautiful people of this tribe my family. Over 10 wonderful years of living and working within this community, my life, my heart, and my vocation have forever been changed for the better.

With great planning and intention, the chiefly family of Vorovoro and I have created complimentary businesses that partner to create ways to invite small groups into the community to authentically experience Fiji in ways not available anywhere else in Fiji, while supporting local development goals and preserving native Fijian identity, culture, and environment. This allows the Fijian community to develop in ways that support their vision and autonomy, rather than being limited to the culturally and environmentally insensitive outcomes often associated with traditional tourism development.

The Vorovoro Cultural Centre and Bridge the Gap invite small groups to join our inclusive community where we live and learn from one another through cultural immersion, skill sharing, cultural exchange, and living island life on "island time" - where each day unveils limitless opportunities for growth and learning through connections, exploration, adventure and shared experiences.

Visitors are considered an extension of the local tribal community and are welcomed to participate in truly authentic and beneficial ways. As such, we are invited to take part in aspects of Fijian life that are not typically made available to visitors to Fiji.

Through daily island life, come to to understand more thoroughly the challenges that remote indigenous island communities face daily as a result of the world's rapidly changing climate. See and experience these challenges first hand, and participate in discussions about how each of us can live lives that support communities living in the most vulnerable regions of the world.

We are so excited to invite Worldschooling families back to live and learn Vorovoro for the 2nd year in a row! Below is all the information you need to learn how to take part in a truly collaborative and transformative community experience this summer! Those interested should be sure to join our Vorovoro Worldschooling group to stay up to date on announcements and news!

Vorovoro Island, Fiji

August 1 - 15, 2019

*fly or take ferry to Labasa, Fiji

All Fijian team members are paid a living wage with full pension, plus their housing and meals during the program are included, and we provide support and mentorship with their business endeavors.

Fees include:

  • Ground and boat transport upon arrival and departure

  • Accommodation

  • All meals on island (3 large meals per day, with morning and afternoon snacks)

  • Daily cultural workshops/classes/activities as well access to community events/activities


$910 program fee



Age 9-13:

$630 program fee


Age 5-8:

$490 program fee


Age 2-4:

$210 program fee


Age 1 and under:

FREE for first 5 total children of this age group enrolled in the program

After first 5 children age 1 and under enrolled:

$140 program fee


For more information on BTG and how to bring your family to live and learn on Vorovoro Island, watch this video!

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