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July booking special!

Buckle in, everybody, and prepare to take advantage of Bridge the Gap’s best deal ever. For the Open Island Initiative of 2018, a booking special is happening for the month of July. This July, we are charging a flat rate of $44.50 USD/night/person and children 12 and under will be able to stay for free. We believe strongly in sustainability in all aspects - of the earth, our business model, and the opportunity for all who wish to visit Vorovoro to be able to do so, and this booking special is the way in which to make all of the aforementioned components a reality. This price has never before been available and will never happen again, so if you have been on the fence about what adventure to take this summer, here is your answer. Traveling to Fiji is no longer a long lost dream, but, with Bridge the Gap, a real and tangible chance to take the most extraordinary trip of your life.

In exchange for this incredible price, we are asking for your feedback on your experience. Sounds easy enough, right? Bridge the Gap’s Open Island Initiative is a pilot program and we have some exciting ideas for the future, but we need your input to plan for success! This can come in the form of having conversations with members of Team Fiji or BTG, participating in interviews, taking a questionnaire or survey, or anonymously submitting your thoughts and feedback. As you know, we are all partners, you, BTG, and Team Fiji, and our whole working together for the greater good will be stronger than the sum of each of our parts. This is partly why you will find a home and refuge on Vorovoro as a lover of adventure travel, a partner of everyone involved, and as family. We are so excited for the opportunity for you to visit Vorovoro, the magical island.

Now, if you had your sights set on experiencing the Open Island Initiative in August or September, fear not! The island will absolutely still be open to visitors from near and far until the end of September, but the booking special is only for the month of July. There are other deals and discounts that still apply for August and September, as outlined on our Ways to Save page. Some of these deals include the early bird discount if you book before April 30, family discounts depending on the length of your stay, group discounts for groups of 4+ sustainable tourists (you and your family/friends), referral discounts if you tell everyone and their mother about how amazing the Open Island Initiative is, friend of Vorovoro discount if you are coming back to your favorite place on earth for a second (or third, fourth, or fifth) time, as well as other payment plan options if necessary.

So, what do you, the island, and your budget have in common? One of a kind. Open Island 2018 is a chance to get on the island, get involved and gain life-changing experiences that fit your budget. Please let us know if you have any questions and keep reading for why you and your loved ones should experience everything Vorovoro has to offer during the Open Island Initiative, especially during the month of July for the best deal! Thank you for your time and consideration, and we look forward to seeing you in Fiji soon.

Moce mada,

BTG Team

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