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Cultivate Community

On Vorovoro, life revolves around culture and community

Fiji is internationally known as a luxurious resort destination, but few travelers experience the authentic Fiji, rich in culture and tradition. Vorovoro offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the remote Mali and Vorovoro Island communities.  

Vorovoro immerses you in a Fijian experience unlike anything else found in Fiji.  It is a small Fijian island and part of the community of Mali. It is the home of the chief of that community, Tui Mali. When we visit Vorovoro, we become guests in a Fijian home. This is an aspect of a trip to Vorovoro that, time and time again, visitors comment on as being the very best part.


Take part in traditional ceremonies, participate in local celebrations, learn Fijian craft making, drink kava under the stars, and work alongside the Fijian community on shared projects and goals. Take it from us, friendships you grow on the Vorovoro Island endure a lifetime!

Being able to live in a Fijian community is a truly special experience; it is also one that requires a little cultural awareness.  Don’t worry! Bridge The Gap is here to help you navigate all you need to know about living in Fijian culture. Here are the most important things you need to know:



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