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Be one of the first to explore the third largest reef in the world

Many of us have become aware of the ever-growing issue of coral bleaching. Coral bleaching occurs when sea temperatures rise. Most coral cannot survive a bleaching event, and those that do are still damaged. This causes detrimental effects to reef systems, and, as a result, leads to decreased biodiversity due to loss of habitat. This phenomenon is occurring worldwide, and Fiji is critically affected.

           Vorovoro Island is on the third largest reef in the world, the Cakaulevu Reef. Coral bleaching in the area is affecting many different communities on a large scale, especially the Mali tribe living on Vorovoro Island and Mali Island. Traditionally, the Fijians would be able to swim right off the coast of the island to fish. Tui Mali (the chief of Mali) and other Fijians tell us how, when they were younger, they would snorkel and see tons of coral right off the shore. Now, you have to swim fairly far out to see coral while snorkeling, and it’s only in small patches.

           Because of this mass coral death, the Fijians now have to take a boat out to the reef in order to fish. The Cakaulevu Reef is breathtakingly beautiful and it is important to see it now while it is still flourishing. The reef is virtually untouched by man due to its location, and it provides some of the most beautiful dive sites.

           While on Vorovoro, you can get your PADI Open Water diver certification with the Great Sea Reef Divers. If you already have your certification, you can go on dives with Leone Vokai. Leone—a member of the Mali tribe—has been diving on the Cakaulevu Reef for years. He knows all of the best spots to dive. You’ll see hard and soft corals, sea turtles, sea cucumbers, sharks, and so much more.

           It is such an amazing experience to get to see a beautiful live coral reef. Each year, more and more coral is dying. Come to Vorovoro and see the beautiful Cakaulevu Reef for yourself before it’s too late. Dive. Learn. Build. Experience. Climb. Then sleep it off in a seaside hammock. That’s the kind of adventure you’ll have as part of Open Island 2018. See how unique. See how affordable.  See if you can be among the few lucky guests.


The Bridge the Gap Team

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