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Flight sales and deals!

Bula sia!

Interested in going to Fiji from $50 a night? That’s what Open Island 2018 is all about. The Mali tribe will welcome a small number of visitors for a limited time this summer.

Often times, Fiji is regarded as a top honeymoon destination, a utopia that is inaccessible to the average adventure traveler. Bridge the Gap exists to ensure that everyone with a heart for sustainable travel, or everyone that wants to learn what sustainable travel is, has the opportunity to travel to Fiji in the best, most economically friendly way. And we do exactly what our name implies; we assist to Bridge the Gap between visitors who come to Vorovoro and the Fijians, ensuring that any cultural and/or language barriers are seen as opportunities for growth and understanding instead of inhibitors to immersion. We are thrilled for the opportunity for the island to be open this summer and for you to be a part of the magic that is in everyone and everything on Vorovoro.

As mentioned in our email, Fiji Airways is having a flight sale until March 30, 2018. These sales include roundtrip flights from the United States to Fiji for as low as $849. Your final destination needs to be Labasa, Fiji as far as flights go, so keep that in mind as you are scheduling your trip. Also remember that you a) must stay on the island for at least one week and b) may only arrive/depart the island on Wednesdays or Saturdays, Fiji time. Please make the necessary calculations when organizing the logistics of your travel. Don’t wait!

Additionally, we (Bridge the Gap) are having some incredible deals, and better yet, there is something to suit every traveler! First off, we have an early bird special. If you book before March 31, 2018, you will receive 10% off of your entire booking. The early bird gets the coconut, in this case.

There are also family discounts which include children three and under attending for free (yes, FREE!), children ages 4-12 receiving 30% off, as well as additional discounts depending on the size of the family and the length of the stay. Contact us if you think this may apply to your family’s travel situation for Open Island. We strongly believe that one of the greatest gifts a parent or guardian can give to a child is the gift of an experience that opens a child’s eyes to see the world in a new and different way, which is why we want children to come to Vorovoro to get to have an experience like this that will hopefully transform their lives for the better forever, like is has so many lives before.

Another opportunity we have to save money is with the group discounts. Groups of four or more receive 10% off the entire booking of 10+ days (not applicable with the camping option) and groups of eight or more receive 20% the entire booking of 10+ days (also not applicable with the camping option). If you have been wanting to take a trip with old friends somewhere beautiful, or do something adventurous and out of the ordinary with new friends, this is the opportunity for YOU!

For those of you who can’t help yourselves and just want to tell the whole world about the Open Island Initiative and shout it from the rooftops (us, too), the referral discount may be for you. With the referral discount, for every three adults that you refer who book for Open Island, you will receive a $250 credit toward your booking (or a refund if you have already paid). Please have your referrals mention your name when they book. Talk about a win-win-win.

If you have been to Vorovoro before and would like to go back, please let us know, because you will receive the friend of Vorovoro discount! As Tui Mali said, “to all the people that have been to Vorovoro, if you want to come back to Vorovoro, you welcome to come, you welcome to come.” It pulls at our heartstrings, too.

Finally, we offer payment plan options. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss this further.

As you can tell, there are multiple ways in which to make Fiji a reality for you and the ones you love. We are here to help, so please email or call with any questions, and definitely take some time to read through our Open Island page which includes packing lists, add-on options, photos, and more. Our goal is sustainable travel, which includes sustaining bank accounts, and we are determined to stick to this for the betterment of everyone involved. Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful consideration, you are now one step closer to experiencing the best of Fiji.


The BTG Team

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