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Lessons from abroad

“Here, it’s like they’ve stripped away everything else and you go back to kind of the basics of just being a human and loving each other.” - Jenny Boyer, Auburn 2017

If you’ve traveled to Vorovoro, we are sure you can think of at least one lesson you’ve learned during your time in Fiji.  We, at Bridge the Gap, have learned many life lessons and have been able to watch others learn and grow through this travel experience as well.

One amazing feature of Vorovoro is the island provides a unique and challenging experience to each person, while also providing a bonding experience for all those who step foot on the island.

Some people travel to Vorovoro to escape the businesses of everyday life. On Vorovoro, you’ll hear the phrase, “we’re on Fiji time” or “we’re on island time.” This tends to be one of the most impactful lessons we each learn on the island. In today’s world we are conditioned to be on a schedule and feel as if we have to pack each day with as much as possible. We write lists and only if we accomplish all the items on the list will we ever say, “today was a successful day.” On Vorovoro, time slows down. Visitors wake up with the sun and go to bed with the moon. Traveling and excursions depend on the tide. Plans change, and it’s a hard adjustment for some. However, at the end of the day, all visitors will say they've learned that life isn’t about the checklist or how to fill up every moment of every day. Life is taking time to live and learn with others, as well as slowing down to appreciate the world around us.

Visitors go back to the simplicity of life and cherish the connections they’ve made. For example, most nights on Vorovoro consist of sitting under the Grand Bure on the grog mat with Chief Tui Mali, Team Fiji, and visitors of the island, and during this time, cell phones are absent, stress is nonexistent, and people are present.

We at Bridge the Gap can tell you all about the lessons we have learned and the lessons visitors have learned, but it is truly something you and your family should experience for yourselves. Travel to Vorovoro Island for Open Island 2018 and let Vorovoro teach you lessons that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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