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Experiential Education

The world is your classroom

We make it easy

We offer an experience like no other. Bridge the Gap partners with academic institutions to develop an immersive experience that can't be found in a classroom.

We facilitate cultural integration, daily activities, and conversational connections between students and community members.

We work closely with faculty and Fijian team members to ensure we are meeting each partner's educational goals.

Cultural Immersion

Fiji is internationally known as a luxurious resort destination, but few travelers experience the authentic Fiji, rich in culture and tradition. Vorovoro offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the remote Mali and Vorovoro Island communities.  


Take part in traditional ceremonies, participate in local celebrations, learn Fijian craft making, drink kava under the stars, and work alongside the Fijian community on shared projects and goals. Take it from us, friendships you grow on the Vorovoro Island endure a lifetime!

"Sustainability in Action"

When living in a remote village, every person’s actions make a difference, good and bad.  Visitors and the Mali people work together to care for the island and make responsible decisions about the limited resources available. Solar power, rainwater catchment and conservation, composting toilets, farming, and fishing provide for the island's basic needs.


It is one thing to read about sustainability; on Vorovoro, you live 


As a fully accredited program, the Auburn University study abroad trip to Vorovoro is open to students from other universities with transfer credit possibilities that may apply to your home university. Contact BTG for more info.


"Our partnership with BTG has enabled our program to have a meaningful and long term relationship with the Mali community. Serving as our bridge to the tribe, we are able to work with BTG to facilitate not only logistics within Fiji but also navigate cultural norms during our time in country. This understanding of how to navigate Fijian village culture, developed over many years, is invaluable to both our program and our students. There is no way we would be able to achieve the levels of trust and community engagement without the active work of BTG. Currently we run over a dozen study abroad programs all over the world and this is by far the most immersive, transformational study abroad experience for our students."

- Kate Thornton, Ph.D

Director of Hunger and Sustainable Initiatives, Director of Global Education in the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University

"I wholeheartedly believe it is impossible to visit Vorovoro, meet the incredible people there, and experience their culture and not come back a better person. That is something special and rare."




- Brooke Skinner

Auburn University, Nursing

"On Vorovoro, just for a moment, everything seemed to make sense. We were freed from the business and complexity of our lives to be able to focus on those around us and on what actually makes us happy. We were engulfed into the type of island paradise that I’d only seen in movies. We learned, laughed, sang, ate, fished, and danced with new friends. Every day was an adventure. To us it was a vacation, but to them, it is a way of life."

-Andrew Bates




Auburn University, Mechanical Engineering

- Brytni Emison

"I climbed to the top of the island and looked down- where it was possible to see both sides of the island at once, the Pacific Ocean to the north and the river leading to Labasa to the south. Not once did it seem strange or foreign to me to be seeing these things. It gave me an understanding of how everything, every person on the island could be family. Looking down from the top of the island, everything was perfect, nothing seemed out of place. There wasn’t the sense of destruction and need for over consumption that I felt in the States. Everything on Vorovoro already had a place and a purpose, and I was there to understand my place and purpose in the world. Vorovoro is where broken pieces fit together to make a whole. Where one plus one is one."

Auburn University

Study Abroad

Study Abroad
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Study Abroad with Bridge the Gap on Vorovoro Island

Study Abroad with Bridge the Gap on Vorovoro Island

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What is Bridge the Gap?

What is Bridge the Gap?

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Sustainability in Action: Fiji  and New Zealand

Sustainability in Action: Fiji and New Zealand

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