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Vorovoro Island

"Vorovoro... hardens the feet, broadens the mind, and softens the heart"

Where  in the World is Vorovoro?

To get to Vorovoro Island, you will fly to the most rural part of Fiji...and then go further. This 200 acre tropical paradise is located in northern Fiji along Cakaulevu Reef, the third longest reef in the world. Vorovoro is one of two islands inhabited by the Mali people and home to Chief Tui Mali and his extended family.

Did you know?







Fiji is made up of 332 islands







Click 'Right' to get a closer look at Vorovoro and Mali Island




Getting There

All international flights arrive at Nadi Airport (NAN). Book your 45-minute domestic flight from Nadi (NAN) to Labasa Airport (LAB) through Fiji Airways

*Please account for timezone changes. 

We will meet you at Labasa Airport and travel together by taxi to Labasa Town.  From there, it’s a breathtaking 40-minute boat ride to the island. You will be home!

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