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What Will I Do?

in large part, that's up to you!

Vorovoro is a beautiful tropical island and if you see yourself lying in a hammock, reading a book, then having a quick swim in the sea before eating a coconut fresh from the tree - that can be your Vorovoro.


Vorovoro is a remote rural Fijian community and if you see yourself living the Fijian way, learning the language, the dances, drinking kava and getting to know the people who live there - that can be your Vorovoro.

Vorovoro aims to be a sustainable community and if you see yourself learning about water catchment, traditional farming, and composting toilets while bringing new ideas to us about recycling or reusable energy - that can be your Vorovoro.


Vorovoro is a physical place and if you see yourself hiking and sweating, then building together with the rest of the tribe - that can be your Vorovoro.


Vorovoro is part of the Mali community and if you see yourself using it as a jumping off point to visit the school, the church, the reef, old friends - that can be your Vorovoro.


Everyone who comes to Vorovoro makes their own trip, but there is one thing that everyone has in common - no one wants to leave!  

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?


You wake up early - your alarm clock is the sun and the birds - and either jump out of bed and into the sea, or roll over and go back to sleep until the breakfast bell rings. You load up a bowl of porridge with fresh fruit and head to the communal tables to eat with your fellow travelers. At the morning meeting, everyone comes together to talk about the day's activities.


On Vorovoro, the day is structured around meals, not the clock. Lunch breaks up the day into halves, and of course, there are two breaks for snacks each day, too. The morning meeting outlines what will happen at roughly what time and it’s up to you to choose how much or how little you want to do that day.

Each day comes with opportunities to experience something new or something familiar, and you are always welcome to offer your own ideas for a project, a class or an activity.


You might decide to join the hike up the Four Peaks in the morning, and then have some time to yourself in the afternoon. Or, help collect firewood in the first quarter of the day, relax for the second and then jump on the boat to Mali in the afternoon to help build the new kindergarten. Or, perhaps you will swim in the morning and learn to dance the meke in the afternoon.


The options are endless!


Dinner happens as the sun sets, and then the pounding of kava is heard; a ukulele might start to play and it’s time to sit on the mat with the Fijians, drink their traditional drink of kava and hear their stories until sleep calls you back to your bure.


Or, maybe you will sit around the campfire with friends, take a moonlit beach stroll, or relax in a hammock and stargaze until you are ready go to sleep.  It's your Vorovoro experience; it's up to you!

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