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COVID-19 update:  Fiji has restricted all incoming travel. All programs have been cancelled indefinitely until Fiji reopens and it is safe to travel again.
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Vorovoro Island Covid-19 Resiliency Fund

Vorovoro Island Covid-19 Resiliency Fund

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Vorovoro Island COVID-19 Resiliency

Due to COVID-19, the Vorovoro community have experienced loss in income and momentum in their business development.

Please join us in establishing a resiliency fund to help offset the loss of wages by providing support of small Fijian owned business ventures and island infrastructure maintenance, so the Vorovoro community are able to invite folks back to live and learn on the island when the world is able to safely travel again. 


100% of all funds donated go directly to Vorovoro Island. Vinaka vakalevu for your support.

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