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Adventure for a better world

Bula sia, friends!

Did you know Bridge the Gap operates a mutually beneficial, sustainable, and ethical business model? So what does this mean for you? Travelers get the authentic, Fijian adventure and your money goes back into the local Mali community.

If you are familiar with traveling, you know some businesses bring travelers from all over the world to provide a certain experience. For example, you might stay at a 5-star resort, where you get to meet other travelers or even go on adventures with other travelers, which is great for some. However, when do you get to truly live and embrace the culture around you? Does your money go back into the surrounding community?

When you choose to travel with Bridge the Gap, you can be sure you are giving back to the community you are living and learning with.

One ongoing initiative we have is great example. Bridge the Gap intern, Clare, is currently fundraising to raise money for a new building for the Kindergarten class on Mali Island. Members of the Mali tribe are fundraising and will also be providing the sweat equity of the new building. However, visitors during Open Island 2018 will be able to take part in building the structure as well. One past initiative was the foundation of the Vorovoro Cultural Centre in 2016. The building was built through the strong partnership of Auburn University, the Mali Community, and Bridge the Gap. The Centre is operated by the Chief Tui Mali and his family and will operate to preserve traditional Fijian culture. Through both of these initiatives the partnerships between the Mali Community and Bridge the Gap has become stronger and continues to be sustainable.

So what does this have to do with your adventure? Well, as fellow travelers, we understand how important it is to know who you are traveling with and what your money is going to. Visiting Vorovoro during Open Island 2018, you’ll have the opportunity to see exactly where your money is going. BTG strives to provide an experience in Fiji that is like no other, where travelers can take part in Fijian culture and have real conversations that will have a lasting impact on travelers once they have left the island.

The real Fiji. A real opportunity. Open Island 2018. A first-ever chance to live for a week or more in a pristine island environment. Affordable. Unforgettable. Make it happen.

Moce for now,

The BTG Team

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