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What We Do


Bridge the Gap gets you to Vorovoro. We’re the people doing the internet thing; marketing, booking, arranging airport transfers and all that.  Once you’re there, the Fijians are your hosts and they’re amazing at it!


We’re there too, giving ideas from the visitor perspective but also listening to what the tribe’s ambitions are and seeing if we can connect them with people or resources from overseas that can help. We move people around. We bring you together. We Bridge the Gap.

Vorovoro is all about cultural integration and Bridge the Gap can be your cultural translators should you want us to be; we’ve been there, the new kid on the island, not quite sure what we were getting ourselves in for and we’re excited to share with you what we’ve learned.


On Vorovoro visitors become family and Vorovoro is their home. Your Fijian family can teach you everything from traditional weaving to meke (dance), to their language and traditions. When you come to Vorovoro you become part of the village. It’s a truly immersive experience and life changing for many.


Bridge the Gap does its very best to step lightly when it walks on Vorovoro. The programs we’ve developed embody the true Fijian spirit and aim to keep local traditional knowledge alive and well. We intend for everything we do to keep in line with the Fijians’ development goals and, of course, maintain cultural and environmental sensitivity and integrity.


We help erase the line in the sand between traveler and locals, and figure out ways for visitors to really make an impact with their travel dollars.  We continue to question, learn and, we hope, improve. Working on Vorovoro is a humbling experience.


between you and Vorovoro Island

we bridge the gap

We partner with the Vorovoro Cultural Center to facilitate immersive, educational experiences for individual, group, and student travellers on Vorovoro Island. We work together with the Mali people to meet community growth and development goals, while maintaining the integrity of the tribe’s rich cultural heritage, island traditions, and the natural environment.

get on fiji time

How will you join us on Vorovoro Island?


Come home to Vorovoro and experience all the beauty, community, and adventure that Vorovoro has to offer. Experience an authentic, traditional Fijian experience on a beautiful, 200-acre island paradise. Sit in a hammock, catch a fish, climb a coconut tree, and stare at the stars. 


Vorovoro Island is the perfect choice for companies or groups looking for a truly unique and memorable event--from retreats and conferences to weddings and reunions. Contact us to discuss hosting your group events!


Bridge the Gap is proud to partner with academic institutions to develop culturally rich and educationally diverse study abroad programs, customized to meet the unique educational and curriculum goals of each educational partner.


Bridge the Gap works with partners to plan and execute development projects that support community goals, develop and maintain island infrastructure, preserve natural resources, and expand local opportunities.

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